Initial Application - The Hospitals & Higher Education Facilities Authority of Philadelphia

If you are interested in pursing bond financing for your eligible project, we encourage you to contact us for preliminary discussions before engaging any outside professional or attempting a formal application. An institution may have a variety of needs — new construction, renovation of existing spaces, equipment purchases and/or refinancing of outstanding loans, et cetera — which can be included on a single bond issue.

By an early determination of the nature of the project and its individual components, we can guide suitable applicants successfully through the tax-exempt bond issue process without undue expenditures of time or cost.

An application and fee schedule can be obtained by contacting the Authority.

Formal applications will require:

  • A brief description of the project on a form provided by the Authority.
  • A resolution authorizing the transaction by the governing board of the institution making the application.
  • A Save and Hold Harmless Agreement indemnifying Authority members and staff.